Ronn Torossian suggests using videos for an effective PR campaign!

Video is the not the ‘in’ thing but in fact it is ‘necessary’ for every business, to promote its existence in the most meaning, interactive and intriguing way. Unlike words, videos have an ability to leave a hard-to-forget impression and that is exactly why videos are used as a major tool for publicity.

This is what Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, suggested lately. He said that in order to redeem the maximum advantage, wisely post videos on various platforms, and then you could use those videos to get traffic to your main web page.

For instance, if you are posting a video on YouTube, make sure to include a link in the description connecting to the main web page or to the sales landing page.

These links count for inbound links to the main website, which are often called back links. These help you in many ways. Also use some keywords to describe the video. Follow us on LinkedIn


Ronn Torossian: A PR expert with great public relation knowledge

Ronn Torossian is a successful American public relations executive, entrepreneur as well as an author. He has received many applauds from media for his contribution in the PR field.

He is the chief executive officer for 5WPR, a PR agency that has been doing extremely well. This firm was established by him in the year 2003, and since then they have been working for some of the most popular organization, companies, political groups and celebrities.

His unique approach and dedication in providing unique PR services has been cited as the chief reason by clients for hiring him to promote their brands.

Former CEO of the Bad Boy Entertainment, Jameel Spencer once said that Torossian is one of his most trusted business counsels. Several other testimonials can be found online authenticating his dedication for his clients.

Ronn Torossian: Know your audiences before starting a PR campaign!

The result of how a public relation strategy is executed can have a strong and long lasting impact on a PR campaign. If done right, it has the power to turn negative views into positive, but if not done right then the opposite. The success of a PR campaign (backed by authentic strategies) can make someone unknown, a world famous entity within no time.

But engaging into this activity is actually like beginning a battle. And how to handle this complex battle is what Ronn Torossian, the PR expert and the founder of 5WPR, with his team does.

Sharing few of his secrets, he said before you move forward in your fight of public relations; make sure that you have fully understood who your targeted audience is.

After you have answered this question, you can get started with your PR plans. Since different type of public will require different tactics to be followed, missing this step might get your PR campaign doomed. Follow us Ronn Torossian on LinkedIn and Amazon

‘What happens on social media, stays on web’ says Ronn Torossian

Social media is that one tool which has literally revolutionized the PR industry and has taken it to the level which could not have been imagined a generation ago. While it is an excellent and amazing tool for doing unlimited publicity, it should be used with extreme care and caution.

Ronn Torossian, the founder of 5WPR, a New York based PR firm says, that on the flip side, social media network can get you caught red handed. So, always remember that the moment you have posted something, it is going to stay there. Of course you may delete it straight away but that does not guarantee that your mistake has been erased completely.

In the mean time when you end up realizing that the post was not really the best idea you could have shared, chances are that people have already gone through it. And worse situation would be that people have already shared that post.

So do not remain in false confidence that you will always get away with it. There may have been few chances when you actually got away, but getting caught even a single time will make all the previous narrow escapes futile.

Ronn Torossian explains how everyone is doing PR without even realizing!

We may not realize it, but in some ways or the other, all of us are doing our very own pubic relation management. This is what Ronn Torossian, the famous PR personality is saying.

According to Ronn, the way we interact and relate with others, make friends, maintain relations and interact with different types of people every day, is a personalized form of public relations.

Just like in the PR campaigning of a particular product or services, that object is made to appear in a certain way; similarly we all are constantly trying to build a particular type of image of us, amongst people surrounding us.

That image is what exactly we want others to think of us or the way we would like to be perceived in the eyes of people.

The way we say certain things to make our ideas be more accepted and promoted for any reason, we are unconsciously doing our own PR.

Ronn Torossian – Create a blog post that serves purpose

No matter with how much precision and intellect you crafted a blog post and posted it, if it is not related to what people are looking for, no one is going to read it. According to the PR guru Ronn Torossian, if your posts are not solving any purpose, people will never read your posts.

The public relation prodigy says that one must take his time to figure out what is it that people are currently looking for.

If the majority of people are talking about one particular topic, and then you suddenly come out and with all your wisdom create a content which is compete unrelated to that topic, expect nothing but a flop show!

Your post may be absolutely correct and productive, but web results are search based. A reader will only search and read what he wants to, nothing else. So make sure you figure out what is it that people actually wish to read and accordingly craft a blog that dominates the niche.

Mr. Ronn Torossian reveals how video has changed the PR industry

Mr. Ronn Torossian, the CEO of a prestigious PR company in New York, has a wide spectrum of knowledge to impart. He reveals how videos can be used as a more effective Public Relations tool, in the time to come.

Mr. Ronn Torossian reveals how an engaging video, can act as the perfect tool for guiding people into choosing whatever products or services you are advocating. The simple reason for this is that when you put across such questions in a video, that are relevant to people they are going to connect to it more.

The sort of social connection that you build with your clients is going to go a long way, in helping you reach your goals in the long run. More direct conversation with the audience in the video will mean a stronger impact on people.