Ronn Torossian advises how to handle a situation

When a blame game breaks out in a situation of public relation crisis, you can take it for granted that there will be no winner. That is why, instead of pointing fingers at others, you should handle the negative situation wisely.

Ronn Torossian, the famous PR guru gives away some suggestions about how to handle a bad PR situation and avoid pin-pointing. First of all, he advises if you have made a mistake, accept it.

Take a step forward and admit it, instead of hiding behind the veils of blaming others. It does not mean specifying every single detail in particular. Just admit it and go ahead.

Do it without pointing a finger at someone else. Unless there has been some crime or someone is seriously guilty for some wrong deeds, do not use any names. As it is a real time situation and not a soap opera, try to handle a negative situation without naming anyone.


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