Ronn Torossian tells why videos are important for your public relations campaign

Without any doubt, it can be said that the use of videos is an excellent way to showcase any type of product or service. It is because of its dynamic nature that it can grab people’s attention, and make them become more attracted and interested to a particular product or service.

Videos have the ability to boost your brand recognition in a way that texts can never do. Ronn Torossian, the CEO of 5WPR says explains how to help your public relations do well, with the help of videos.

  • Always keep the content of your video very specific, precise and unambiguous. Avoid creating videos that are covering multiple topics, which can leave the viewers confused with video info that seems to go nowhere. In fact it is just the opposite of what an ideal PR video is supposed to be. So keep it concise and specific.
  • Always remember that people searched your video with some specific motive, as they were looking for something explicit. Just give them what they want and they will definitely appreciate you for that.

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