Ronn Torossian – How to avoid the impact of spillover negativity publicity

When a firm in an industry receives hammering due to its involvement in some or other form of fraudulent practice or scam, all the other firms in the industry suffer. The competitors also have to face intense scrutiny by the authorities. If people cannot fully differentiate you from your competitors, chances are that you may also become a part of that red ‘X’ list.

This is what is termed as crossover negative PR. Spillover or crossover publicity is quite real and can be damaging, in the words of PR expert, Mr. Ronn Torossian.  It happens especially in those industries where there is a little distinction between companies and where trust factor is crucial.

The solution to this issue is to brand and position oneself distinctly. There are some industries in which multiple brands make use of certain common words. Avoid doing that, because this makes distinction difficult on the part of consumers. Name your brand uniquely and do unique publicity.

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