Ronn Torossian: Know your audiences before starting a PR campaign!

The result of how a public relation strategy is executed can have a strong and long lasting impact on a PR campaign. If done right, it has the power to turn negative views into positive, but if not done right then the opposite. The success of a PR campaign (backed by authentic strategies) can make someone unknown, a world famous entity within no time.

But engaging into this activity is actually like beginning a battle. And how to handle this complex battle is what Ronn Torossian, the PR expert and the founder of 5WPR, with his team does.

Sharing few of his secrets, he said before you move forward in your fight of public relations; make sure that you have fully understood who your targeted audience is.

After you have answered this question, you can get started with your PR plans. Since different type of public will require different tactics to be followed, missing this step might get your PR campaign doomed. Follow us Ronn Torossian on LinkedIn and Amazon