Ronn Torossian- Let’s See How He Did, What He Did!
Ronn Torossian is an extremely intelligent man who has been running a successful public relations company for last couple of years. For many companies, he is a public relations guru to go to!

Yes, he has been working for many worldwide popular celebrities and numerous international brands. He handles the corporate communication of renowned brands like Quadriga Art, Gold Money, The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, Pepsi-Cola and many more.

Born in Brooklyn in the year 1974, Ronn Torossian was raised in The Bronx and attended NYC Public schools.

In the year 2000, Ronn was the director (media) of ‘The Interpublic Group Of Companies while a year later, he founded 5WPR (the PR company that is one of the 25 largest PR companies of America today)…. More about Mr. Torossian visit here


Ronn Torossian is someone to aspire to!

Ronn Torossian is one man to look up for his success as an entrepreneur, public relations executive, and author. He has achieved such great success through his ability to build and sustain his Public Relations firm 5WPR, and has created a niche for himself in the industry due to his hard work and dedication as a businessman. His New York City-based firm, 5WPR, is just one of his many incredible achievements.

Glimpses of success started out at an early age for Ronn Torossian when he became the national president of the “North American Branch of Betar.” Ronn Torossian went on to found his public relations company in 2003 which was immediately highly successful. Ranked the 24th largest Public Relations Company in the United States, 5WPR boasts dealing with clients as well-known as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s as well as many famous musicians.

Ronn Torossian is very much driven by political cause and via his public relations company has done work for politicians and political groups internationally. His ability to sustain positive relationships and continue to gain contacts is one of the main reasons why his firm is so highly ranked. 5WPR can attribute its large range of clientele to the personality of Ronn Torossian. A lot of what clients notice about 5WPR is what they grasp from Ronn Torossian’s unconventional approach. He is very high-energy and ambitious, and this definitely shows through the work he has done in the public relations industry. He more-specifically refers to the work he does as “crisis management,” dealing with many high-profile clients.

Quite the entrepreneur, there are numerous reasons why Ronn D. Torossian is an inspiring man. His self-sufficiency, dedication and ambition validate his success in the public relations industry. He is not only someone to aspire to, but many should look to follow directly in his footsteps, using his same entrepreneurial methods.

Ronn Torossian – Man With A Different Style Of Work!

What would you call a man who has been terrific with everything he has done so far? Did you say ‘brilliant’? I don’t think this word is enough to describe the efficiency of someone as successful as ‘Ronn Torossian’!

He officially stepped in the PR business in the year 2003 (with his company 5WPR), and since that year, this man has been setting new benchmarks every year.

5WPR has been setting new trends in the world of public relations since its onset, but in last few years, the company performed so well that it has been enlisted in the list of top twenty five PR firms of the Unites States. And if, it continues its pace of success, the time is not far when it will be one of the five largest PR companies in America.

The factors that back the success of this company is the skills and experience of Mr. Torossian and the work ethics of the company…. Read more

Ronn Torossian – Not Just An Entrepreneur, But A Visionary!

Mr. Ronn Torossian has done nothing that could be considered ‘common’ in his adulthood. While still enrolled in college, he earned the role of president of a global movement, ‘American Branch of Betar’. Playing a crucial role in the movement, he moved to Israel and worked closely with the government of Israel.

After working at several NY pr firms, in 2003, he founded the public relations company, 5WPR. He claims (and has proved this with his work) that his company answers the 5Ws- Who, What, Where, When and Whys of Public Relations.

It is due to his sheer intelligence and efficiency as an entrepreneur that his company is growing by leaps and bounds every year. If this continues, 5WPR will soon be a top 10 Public Relations company in the Unites States.

All of Mr. Ronn Torossian’s accomplishments are evidence enough that he is a true visionary. Between his unconventional entrepreneurial strategies and his success as a leader, it is no wonder he is seen as ambitious and an acknowledged businessman.